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23 Jul '14




i speak spanish let me translate: ?

23 Jul '14


Life tip: don’t believe your mom when she tells you “we’ll only be here for a little while”

23 Jul '14
“Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.”

- m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2. (via findingwordsforthoughts)
23 Jul '14


requested by sams-haitusbeard.

seeing this NOW…with all that’s happened I just…I can’t….

23 Jul '14

Several years ago, I was researching the cause of death of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces during the first months of the Second Intifadah, the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation. As I counted up the numbers, I was chilled to discover that the single most frequent cause of death in those beginning months was “gunfire to the head.”

In the past 10 years Israeli forces have killed at least 255 Palestinian minors by fire to the head, and the number may actually be greater, since in many instances the specific bodily location of the lethal trauma is unlisted. In addition, this statistic does not include the many more Palestinian youngsters shot in the head by Israeli soldiers who survived, in one form or another.

Below is a small sampling of those who died. (The term IDF stands for “Israeli Defense Forces,” although these forces are, in reality, an occupation army and are almost always deployed offensively; the incidents below took place on Palestinian territory):

Sami, 12, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire during a demonstration. Abdul, 9, was killed by IDF gunfire to his head during a funeral. Ala, 14, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire while on the terrace of his home one hour after injuring an Israeli soldier with a stone. Omar, 11, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire during a demonstration. Diya, 3 months, was killed, along with her older brother, by Israeli settler gunfire to her head and back. Bara, 10, was killed by IDF gunfire to his head while near his home. Ayman, 15, was killed by IDF tank fire to his head while farming. Khalil, 11, was killed by IDF tank fire to his head while playing with a friend. Rami, 13, was killed by IDF helicopter fire to his head while playing in front of his house. Yaser, 11, died of head wounds from an IDF rubber-coated bullet fired at close range during a demonstration?

Imagine if these names were Bobby? Michael? Susan… Melissa? Jimmy? And that the foreign troops killing them were invading Arizona, Connecticut, Ohio…

- Alison Weir. “Shot in the Head.” CounterPunch. (via thebowspring)
23 Jul '14


The IDF is  building a field hospital for Palestinians in Gaza. It will open tonight on Israel’s side of the Erez crossing.

" Israel does its best to prevent civilian casualties “

* targets and bombs all the places that help save civilian lives *

22 Jul '14
22 Jul '14


After working on my previous Thumbelina image, I felt like I really wanted to carry on that little bit longer with this theme of teeny, tiny people. And so very recently I started working on this new illustration, loosely based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton and here is the result :)

22 Jul '14
studying for finals








I have never seen a post more perfect


22 Jul '14


That look ur mom gives u when u embarrass her in public but she can’t kill u yet


19 Jul '14

♥ thank you so much anon-chan ♥  image

14 Jul '14
“Israel is perhaps the world’s 4th most powerful nuclear power, with a modern fully mechanized infantry with over 6,500 APC’s and 4,000 tanks, the largest fleet of F-16’s outside of the US, and an $11 million a day subsidy, versus the world’s largest concentration camp, with no aircraft, and no air defense artillery, no armor, no AIPAC, and no blanket UN veto from a permanent member of the Security Council.
Israel isn’t the victim and this isn’t defense; it’s mass murder.”

- Emmet Bondur (via momo33me)